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Sayuri Uzumaki

Post by Sayuri Uzumaki on Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:11 am

Name: Sayuri Uzumaki
Nickname(s): Say
Age: 13
Sex: female

Sayuri is a person who will stand up for people that are getting bullied, pushed around no matter who they are and what they've done she also stands up for her family and friends and if anyone gets her angry or upset well you better watch out! Even though she is a little sissy she is dangerous if messed with or hurt in any way. she can be loving at times.

a metre length of Blonde hair one blue eye and the other the darkest purple almost black, has scars all over her face due to her village abusing her her lips are a wine red colour.\

She wears a yellow kimono with a black sash she wears a white headband her style would be dresses and kimonos

She has Twin blades but one is black with a white handle and the other is white with a black handle she named them Yin and yan they each have a separate chakra to hers so with each attack the blades get stronger.

Ninja Tools:
in all she has 19 kunai and 32 shuriken 11 explosive tags and 3 senbon she carrys 3 kunai 11 shuriken 5 explosive tags and 1 senbon

All her life she was treated badly by everyone in her village up to the age of 6 she lived in the village hidden in the wind until then she left that village and carryed on traveling accross the seas until she found a forest that was said to be near Konoha she thought she would stay in the forst and sing until a leaf shinobi come to find her well in her travels according to the wise people she met the leaf nin werethe most kindest people in the lands. That was her destination.

Except for the fact that everyone called her a freak and a monster/ demon she was happy she lived in the village hidden in the wind because of the fact that she at least had food and shelter she really wanted to be a shinobi for the village but that thought soon changed when the whole entire village started abusing her phisacly that is where all the scars came from that and Orochimaru-pedo destroying her village that is why she moved in the first place.

She searched the forest until her legs were tired every day she searched like that for the leaf but she never found it until some leaf team were told that they had to escort me to their village she has rinnengan in her purple eye.

Village: Missing nin
Title: Genin
Rank: D
Element: Wind, Earth, Lightning
Fighting Style: Major: Ninjutsu, Minor: Taijutsu
Kekkei Genkai: rinnengan but not hers

Jutsu: Release Summoning Sealing Tecniques
Mission History:
D: 1
C: 0
B: 0
A: 0
S: 0

OOC Info:
My OOC username is: Say Sayuri
You can contact me by: PM
I found the site on: Naruto rpg saga
Sayuri Uzumaki
Sayuri Uzumaki

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Re: Sayuri Uzumaki

Post by Rikuo Namikaze on Fri Dec 07, 2012 7:45 pm

Alright sadly the Rinnengan is already taken so you can't have that and you only start with one Element at D rank other then that I don't see anything wrong though I would Suggest not starting with the Summoning Jutsu since at your Rank you won't be able too do much with it. Other then that I don't see it as haveing anything really wrong with it Just Fix what I said and you'll be good. Also Please use the Code Located in the Bottom of the Template


Rikuo Namikaze
Rikuo Namikaze
Rikuo Namikaze

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