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Post by Nuka on Sat Jun 02, 2012 3:20 pm

The Lion King: Dark Horizon Rpg Dh10

We of Dark Horizon wish to pronounce the start of the new forum. One that anyone, no matter what age or skill level, will come to love. Come and enjoy the regular prides from the canon series and eventually you may become the King of a new and more powerful pride. All of that lies inside you and your perseverance for what path you take.

Scar's reign has gone on for years, and the Pridelands are starting to wither and die. The darkness is spreading to the other lands. What will you do to stop it?
    Become a member of the...
    • Pridelanders
    • Outlanders
    • Coldlanders
    • Shadowlanders
    • Desertlanders
    • Lowlanders
    • Rogues

Come and join in with us and enjoy the rp areas we present. Lots of cool events and more are all in store for you.


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