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Forum Rules - MUST READ

Post by Zephyr Uchiha on Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:59 pm

The Rules:

1 - No pornography - This is obvious, but it needs to be stated. This site is a mature site. Minor profanity is allowed, and slight graphic content may be included. Being said, pornography goes against our rules, and Forumotion's Terms of Service. It and extreme graphical content are not allowed. Posting pornography will earn you a ban.

2. No god modding - Most arguments on a site start when someone performs an action that another player does not think is possible. That is the reason for this rule on the list. Please do not perform impossible things unless given strict permission by all participants in a thread, or if there are no others, a staff member. You shouldn't have to, but in the rare event that you need to, you may do either of those two things, depending on your situation. A D-Rank Genin will most likely not be able to put a kink in any defense of a S-Rank Kage, although it could be theoretically possible - I can guarantee you that this has below a thousandth of a percent chance of ever happening.

3. No meta gaming - In simpler terms, metagaming is using out-of-character information or resources to affect in-character decisions. Your character will not know that his/her enemy can use Fire techniques like a pyro on crack because you read that person's bio. He/she will know it when the opponent spams those Fire techniques like crazy. You are allowed to assume things, such as a person being tall, looking built, and looking in his thirties to be a Jounin. Reasonable deductions are plausible and are encouraged for good roleplay. No one wants an idiot, and rarely do we want a perfect genius.

4. No cheating - There are always ways to cheat, worm, or loophole through rules and regulations in a game. Do not deliberately try to abuse any holes in the rules to do something you obviously know that your character is not meant to do. You will be punished. It is advised you point out such loopholes in the rules to one of the Administrators for them to fix so that others will not be tempted by them.

5. Good sportsmanship - This is the thought in sports, school, and in all competitions. Be kind to your fellow members, whether they be staff, the veteran, a newcomer, or even a guest. Try not to rub anything in too much out-of-character. We are all friends here, and the staff wishes it to stay that way. Excessive trolling and teasing of a specific player in general will result in punishments. That is not to say you can't poke fun, as long as both parties know that it is just a joke.

6. No racist/sexist/etc. comments - This is a given on all mediums. Anything that can be considered hurtful or insulting towards another member based on his/her race, religion, sex, etc. is playing with a nuclear bomb. They are that close to a ban. The staff does NOT condone anything of the sort, and we do NOT want to hear anything like that here. Keep it off the site.

Light profanity is allowed, however, using sexist/racist/religionist terms is not cool, and is not permitted. Swift action will be taken, even if its said jokingly in the cbox. Excessive profanity is frowned upon severely, though. You may lose Cbox privileges temporarily for it.

7. No arguing - Many a site has fallen prey to a site-wide argument between staff and members alike - petty arguing by members who have nothing to do. If there is something you feel that did not go your way, or was not supposed to happen (and please have a valid reason), feel free to report such an event to a staff member. If you feel that a Moderator is not doing his job correctly, then inform an Administrator. "Flaming" falls under this category as well. Such events will be dealt with swiftly.

8. No multi-accounts - This should be obvious. One person should not have more than one character on the site. We will be checking IPs regularly to make sure members are following this. Being said, if you and another person share a computer, we will require you to inform us. This is because you will share IPs, and we will think it means you are using multiple accounts.
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