09 - Missions

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09 - Missions

Post by Zephyr Uchiha on Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:28 pm


Occasionally, one may get the urge to help their country out with missions. These add points towards ranking up, so it is advised to do missions often enough so that you are not left behind in rank. Your Rank dictates which missions you can take. You can take any mission with a rank up to one above your character's rank. With a squad, you can go one rank further than that (ie. Squad of B-Rank Chunin could go on S-Rank missions). You may only start one mission per week.

Please note that you ARE allowed to do a mission that has been done by another person, or one that is currently being done. A mission cannot be done more than once by a single character, though.

E-Rank: D
D-Rank: D - C
C-Rank: Upto B
B-Rank: Upto A
A-/S-Rank: Any

Assassination-type missions will always be either A-Rank or S-Rank. Hunting Missing-Nin missions will be the same rank as the Missing-Nin itself. It is advised to bring groups to A- and S-Rank missions, but not required.


There are many different kinds of missions a Ninja can partake in and these are as follows:

Task - These types of missions are usually the easiest. They are mostly associated with D and very rarely C rank missions. They generally involve something needed to be done, retrieved, or taken care of. They don't require very much from a ninja, and as such, are best to be done alone.

Search - In level of difficulty, Search comes after Task. Usually it is not much higher, but it could possibly exceed all the way to S-rank, if one is searching for a Missing Nin of epic proportions. These can be done by yourself or with a squad.

Assist - These can very in difficulty, but are mainly D and C ranked. They involve you or your squad aiding somebody of importance.

Protect - Another word could be considered Guard. When a person is in danger, or a place has been threatened, escorts are assigned. They almost always involve light to medium combat situations, and as such, will usually be at least C rank, but they could be B rank for particularly important individuals.

Hunt Missing Nin - Missions that involve members of a village tracking down Missing Nin. These will range from C to S rank (determined by the Missing Nin's rank), and have high risks, but high rewards. Missing Nins can be "jumped" in Hunt missions once every two weeks, by a sole member or a squad. However, only shinobi from the village in the land that the Missing Nin has most recently posted in can hunt them (as such, a Rogue may post in the Land of Fire, so only Leaf ninjas can hunt them, until he leaves the thread in the Land of Fire and he posts in a different Land). With success comes the capture or death of the Missing Nin, with failure, comes shame and probable execution by the Missing Nin.

Other information: When one accepts a mission to hunt a specific Missing Nin, a staff member will PM the Missing Nin. They have a week to respond before they are automatically assumed to be captured, unless they have been listed as Away, in which case, the member will not be able to be hunted. At any time, Missing Nin can join in any Open thread in the specific Land, but are not able to post in the actual Village itself. Any people currently with the members in the thread can fight the Missing Nin, but no others may join in unless they are of ANBU rank. Whoever wins an ensuing fight, assuming there is one, has the choice of the fate of his victim.

Assassination - The holy grail of missions in terms of difficulty. They will always be B rank or above. These missions are assigned when someone's level of infamy has risen to the point where it is best for them not to live. These involve people causing problems for the village, so shinobi are sent (usually in groups) to take care of a problem.

Special - These types of missions have interesting aspects. They may range from a saga of quests or quests that are left up to the creativity of the taker. They are ranked by an assumed difficulty, so one has a lot of leeway when taking them. They are meant to be fun because they are not actual missions, but you will still gain RPTs for completing them.

- - - - -

When a mission is completed you are rewarded with RPTs, and once you gain enough RPTs you are promoted a Rank or given a new Title. These points and rubric can be found in the Titles and Ranks thread.

Missions are created two ways: One involves the staff discussing a new mission and posting it in relation to in game events, and the other involves a fellow member of the site posting something that they need done. Both ways are equally rewarding when done correctly, but usually there is not a reward for failing a mission.
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