05 - Fighting Styles

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05 - Fighting Styles

Post by Zephyr Uchiha on Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:42 pm

Fighting Styles:

Ninjutsu - The basis of Shinobi tactics. These are techniques that use both body, spiritual, and mental prowess combined to create fascinating techniques. These can be anything from a string of fire, to the ability to transform into the appearance of another person, or the summoning of a water dragon to attack an opponent. They very, but most use elements - however, some do not. The highest ranked Ninjutsu have a high potential to maim.

Taijutsu - Hand-to-hand and weapon fighting. This is the basis of most war-zone combat. Shinobi can punch, kick, slice, and stab their way through opponents, or through their one opponent in a duel. Most shinobi know how to do this, but the few that specialize in it are very lethal. One can also use chakra to enhance their Taijutsu to an ability beyond all belief. It is said that few Medical ninja are able to control their chakra with Taijutsu so well, a flick could slice a mountain in half.

Taijutsu work differently than Ninjutsu. You select a Style to learn from when you wish to learn your first Taijutsu. You can learn techs from that Style, or D ranks from any other general Style that you apply for. You may select a second Taijutsu Style if A) you are in a Clan, you automatically get that clan's Style, or B) you become B rank.

Genjutsu - The art of deception. Genjutsu affects the five senses of a wo/man - smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing. Users of these hide in the shadows and play tricks on their enemies, destroying them from the inside. Genjutsu can make opponents walk in circles when they believe they are in a maze, feel immense pain when they are not even being touched, or hear deafening noises that do not exist. These are considered the most expert users of chakra, people that can even affect the chakra of other users. More in the Genjutsu rules thread.

- - - - -

At start up, you are asked to Major in one category, and Minor in another. Majoring in a Fighting Style allows you to pick upto S-class jutsu in that category, and Minoring lets you pick upto A-rank jutsu. At B-rank, one can Minor in the third, unpicked category. At S-rank, one can then Major in one of the two categories they already minor in. Effectively, S-Rank characters can use nearly any non-clan jutsu, except for the S-rank jutsus of their one Minor.

Jutsus of a particular fighting style will empower your techniques. As such, if Person A Majors in Ninjutsu, Person B Minors in Ninjutsu, and Person C does not have it at all, and they all use the same level-rank Ninjutsu, Person A's will be the strongest, followed by B, and then C.

Techniques that you do not Major or Minor in will take extra posts to learn:

D Rank: 1
C Rank: 2
B Rank: 3
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