10 - Clan Dojutsu

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10 - Clan Dojutsu

Post by Zephyr Uchiha on Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:18 pm

Clan Dojutsu:

The term Dojutsu refers to the inherent abilities for certain members of clans or those who have a specific Kekkei Genkai to release a special kind of chakra and unlock an ability in their eyes - examples are the Sharingan for the Uchiha and the Byakugan for the Hyuuga clans. They take chakra to use, and the limit they can be activated vary - they are included in the Dojutsu's descriptions in the Clan threads.

However, these Dojutsu can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Much like in the show, in Naruto: Will of Fire, your clan's precious eye techniques can be stolen if gone about the right way. It takes special medical ninjutsu to successfully perform an eye transplant (see Medical Techniques), and even then, it takes one highly skilled to pull it off. There's only a fifty-fifty chance of an eye implant succeeding, and that's not even considering the fact that the eye must have the dojutsu activated at the time of removal.

The most common in the past was for the Sharingan to be stolen. In the case of Kakashi Hatake, it was a gift on the deathbed of an Uchiha. The dojutsu can be gifted upon others, but there must be a near-flawless reason for it. The most common reason will be that your character is near death, and that is the best reason. It's not common that people die, so this will prevent major abuse of sharing dojutsu. The Administrators don't want to see eight Kakashi clones scurrying about and the remaining custom Uchiha being hunted for their eyes. Take this as a warning for those who want clans with dojutsu. Your eyes will be sought for. Think of it as a... Hazard of the job trade of sorts.

- The person losing the eye must be alive. After death, the dojutsu seals away in the body, and not the eye.
- You can only be up to one rank above the member losing the eye. A Jounin cannot steal an eye from a Genin, but if the Genin allows it, the Jounin is able to
- You will be allowed to use the dojutsu for a third of the posts a regular member could. A non-member could complete a Jutsu Training that is one letter rank higher than what is required for a clan member to activate that dojutsu.
- The eye cannot be deactivated. As such, it will always use chakra while it sees something. Dojutsu like the Sharingan can simply be covered up with an object like hair or a headband and not use chakra then - but complex dojutsu that see through objects like the Byakugan must be especially sealed with unique techniques (see Medical Techniques)


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