Legendary Weapons

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Legendary Weapons

Post by Zephyr Uchiha on Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:59 am

Weapons of this kind are legendary - ultimate tools for destruction. They often have special powers imbued within them to give them an extra edge over competition. There are only one of each of these in existence, and they are hidden throughout the world.

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Rank: S
Description: This large sword features vents which allows concentrated chakra to eject and take different forms.

Rank: S
Description: This long head cleaving sword has the ability to repair nicks and cuts to the blade itself, utilizing the iron from the blood of the people it cuts down to regenerate. Theoretically, while in use, it is nigh indestructable.

Rank: S
Description: The legendary sword Kusanagi is known for being one of the ultimate weapons in the world. It can slice through almost any material without much force. Also, it has the magical property of being able to be summoned without a handseal or a jutsu - one's possession of the sword on the person is enough to draw it to the user's hands instantly.

Rank: S
Description: This large sword features shark skin scales running down its length which serve to rip the flesh from those it strikes. Samehada itself is sentient to a degree, having the ability to consume and pass chakra back to its owner. Samehada can also merge with its owner, granting them a shark-like appearance. While in shark form, the user is able to breathe underwater and Water elemental attacks use less chakra.


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