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Yamato Inuzuka

Post by Yamato Inuzuka on Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:31 am

Name: Yamato Inuzuka
Nickname(s): The Shadow Wolf
Age: 14
Sex: Male

Quick to react to tough situations, his canine-like sense allow him to track his target to the ends of the earth if he must. His fighting skills match that of a Hyuuga clan Jounin, he has the ability to copy other clan’s secret jutsu and hone them into his own form of jutsu. For example he can copy the Nara clan's shadow possession jutsu with ease. However he cannot copy the Akimichi clan’s techniques as they require the special pills given to each member. His personality has changed drastically since his time in the Academy but that does not hinder his spirit or his strength. He may sound cold and lonely but his character despite not showing it very often is kind hearted and dedicated to his comrades. His full personality is never shown but is locked deep within himself.

Standing at 6ft 3 he has black shaggy hair and slitted eyes. He is of average build but nimble on his feet. He can outrun most of his village because of his balanced build and agility. Also his Inuzuka bloodline increases his speed considerably.

Usually he wears a black coat and grey pants but when not in combat he tends to wear casual clothes like a t-shirt and pants. He dons the blue Leaf headband and blue sandals that are accustomed to his rank.

He does not carry any large weapons however he does carry ninja tools.

Ninja Tools:
10 kunai
15 shuriken
3 explosive tags
2 flash tags

Ever since graduating from the academy, Yamato has dedicated himself to learning his clan’s history and practicing his bloodlines exclusive offensive and defensive techniques which would later help him. This is his story…

At the last day of the academy year Yamato was called out by one of the Academy tutors for his final exam. He was expected to perform a successful shadow clone, substitution and transformation. The substitution and transformation were easy enough but when it came to the shadow clone that was different. Yamato was trying to create a clone of his partner Yanate but the first clone was a fail. He begged the examiners for one last try on the shadow clone and they allowed him that chance. So as Yamato did everything necessary in order to perform a shadow clone, he pointed a hand at Yanate and just like that a successful clone of Yanate appeared beside him. He cheered and when he got home and told his parents they took him to the ramen shop and treated him with his favourite ramen. The next day he received his headband and was assigned to a team. And that is his story so far.

Village: Konoha
Title: Genin
Rank: D
Element: Wind
Fighting Style: Major: Genjutsu and Ninjutsu Minor: Taijutsu
Kekkei Genkai:Feral Senses

Supplementary Jutsu:

Bunshin no jutsu (Shadow Clone)
Henge no jutsu (Transformation)
Kawashima no jutsu (Substitution)
Chakra control
Water walking

Fuuton Shinku Gyoku no jutsu: D Rank
Fuuton Hana Chirimai no jutsu: D rank
Fuuton Daitoppa no jutsu: C rank
Fuuton Juha Shou no jutsu: C rank

Whirlwind Kick

Kasumi Juusha no jutsu: D rank

Mission History:

D: 0
C: 0
B: 0
A: 0
S: 0
- - - - -

OOC Info:
My OOC username is Cyrus
You can contact me by my account on here
I found the site by Naruto Saga’s

Yamato Inuzuka
Yamato Inuzuka

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Re: Yamato Inuzuka

Post by Yamato Inuzuka on Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:14 pm

Can somebody please reply to this?
Yamato Inuzuka
Yamato Inuzuka

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OOC Name: Cyrus
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