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Mission Creation Template Empty Mission Creation Template

Post by Takeshi Kaguya on Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:36 pm

Here you can create a mission (or a few) for your village's shinobi to do, which are village-specific. You can only do missions in the Basic board or in your village's board. They must be either approved by your Kage or an Administrator, and they will put them in the appropriate board. Player Kages can post missions here as well for Ninjas to carry out. You are allowed to assign missions to hunt Player Missing Nins.

To create your own mission, fill out the following template and create a new thread in this board with your Village (or Basic) in the Sub-Title of the thread. An Administrator will approve or disprove of the mission, and will post it in the appropriate area when finally approved.

- - - - -

Rank: D, C, B, A, S - Low Rank tasks are menial and the highest are the most difficult and best attempted in groups
Type: Search, Task, Assassination, Assistance, Protect, etc.
Client: {Insert name}
Minimum Posts: D: 2-5 ;; C: 5-8 ;; B: 8-12 ;; A: 12-16 ;; S: 16+
Points Rewarded: D: 10 ;; C: 20 ;; B: 40 ;; A: 100 ;; S: 200
Description: State what must be done. Please be detailed.
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