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Post by Shaunic Inuzuka on Wed Jul 04, 2012 5:01 pm

Rank: C
Type: Escort
Client: Oil Company
Minimum Posts: 6
RPTs Awarded: 20
Description: A carriage of precious cargo - oil that is needed for the Konoha shipyards to function - is about to leave town. The oil company has requested a ninja to escort the cart safely to the shipyards on the coast. They say that most likely, the only threats to the caravan are bandits and the like.




[14:16:59] Shaunic Inuzuka : Roku did you read abc's with Shaunic?.

[14:17:11] Roku : I could go for that McDonal-.

[14:17:12] Roku : What?.

[14:17:53] Shaunic Inuzuka : Guess you diddint.

[14:18:08] Shaunic Inuzuka : You cant have a completly fun time here unless you read it.

[14:18:14] Roku : Is it a thread? If so. . I didn't..

[14:18:37] Shaunic Inuzuka : http://narutowof.forumotion.com/t164-abc-s-with-shaunic.

[14:20:01] Wysal Acim X has been disconnected on Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:20 pm (session timeout).

[14:21:25] Roku : . . ..

[14:21:32] Roku : Hah?.

[14:25:04] Shaunic Inuzuka : Me:Hey Hitler you lost something.

[14:25:10] Shaunic Inuzuka : Hitler:What?.

[14:25:19] Shaunic Inuzuka : Me:World war 2..

[14:25:37] Shaunic Inuzuka : me:.

[14:26:12] Roku : Haaaah..

[14:26:27] Roku : That one. . Was actually kinda funny..
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0.0 more mission.... Empty Re: 0.0 more mission....

Post by Hyokyun Rukudo on Wed Jul 04, 2012 5:33 pm

As usual, the young shinobi was in her calm zone. As always, Hyokyun was always in her "chilling" mode. Right now, Hyokyun had a calm expression of her face. Well, this is what she usually do everything. She really haven't gone out for missions much, mostly because she didn't want to, of course. Hyokyun had her lazy side, which could be worst a time or to. But this time, it felt like she was already on a mission. She have heard that the oil company of Kohona was requesting someone to escort a cart of oil safely to the shipyards. She have also heard that bandits might rob the oil if there was no one to escort. Give or take, Hyokyun wouldn't really much be up for the mission, then again, what choice does she have? She hasn't really done much everyday, but to relax. She was hoping no one one would help. "help" felt like a strong word to the young female shinobi. Yet, some assistance would be dandy. But for it, it felt like to her that someone might join in. Well, despite the fact that she isn't really in a team and doesn't really know anyone much, due for her being unsocial, make it a give or take.

"Alright." Hyokyun said. She looked around, especially at the cargo, since she was already close to the area. "This shouldn't be too hard. All I have to do is just escort this oil to the shipyard and then everything will be alright." She said. Well, it shouldn't be too hard at first. Besides, who would rob for oil? Does it cost a fortune, perhaps? Well, that didn't matter. All Hyokyun knew is that she had to escort.

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