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Post by Hyokyun Rukudo on Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:57 am

Name: Hyokyun Rukudo
Nickname(s): Hyo
Age: Seventeen
Sex: Female


Rather, Hyokyun's personality changed over her childhood life. At first, she was a cheerful person. She was always a calm figure, and always ready for anything. She wasn't so much interested in fights, since she thought it was all pointless and stuff. However, Hyokyun at first thought fighting was only to win. But, if she was in a fight, she would only fight to win, nothing else. She doesn't really like to take other peoples' lives in the future. Yet, she did find fighting pointless back then. Then again, what can she do about it? Hyokyun's a shinobi. She is rather the kind girl who is nice, and can be a pushover. Due for her kindness taking her, anyone can mostly boss Hyokyun, rude or not. She was considered weak, and even admitted by the young girl herself as a child. She doesn't really care of what other people think of her. Hyokyun just likes to be herself.

However, Hyokyun's personality have changed over the few years. She is considered to work alone, and doesn't join alliances. Considering being the aloof, she doesn't really much try to join in anyone to assist or help them with something. She would view that everyone would get in her way, even to her teammates. Also, viewing everyone is nothing but obstacles in her life. As being someone who likes to "work alone", Hyokyun often distance herself away from other people, such as crowds. Hyokyun can however, be viewed as someone who is anti-social, mostly.

As someone who only fights to win, Hyokyun only fights to win. Despite the fact that maybe some Shinobis might kill, Hyokyun has the ability to spare a life, either if the person's alignment is good or evil. But as a fighter, she intends to actually think her way in fights, rather than just throwing punches and kicks. She is more likely closer to the defense side. To her, defense is always important, no matter what. And in battles, considering she's a female, she does not like to be underestimated, strength wise. Cocky people just pisses off Hyokyun. But mostly, despite the fact she can be rude, Hyokyun can still have a heart inside her to spare someone.

Hyokyun can be a bit tempered off easily. Sometimes, jokes that involve here can easily piss her off by a second. But, she can control her anger. Yes yes, jokes can be humorous and fun, but if it offends her, she'll mouth off. Hyokyun intends to sometimes make a big deal out of it, but rather finds it pointless at the same time, so she can have the ability to keep it to herself. But, as Hyokyun's role is the aggressive-ish and bold girl, she doesn't usually sound angry, or trying to have a rough accent. She has a soft-spoken accent in manner. However, she is still the angered and easily tempered little girl, and a time that she'll speak roughly. Yet, she intends to be a bit nice. As having a rough time at certain points, there comes a time where Hyokyun can actually think for herself. There can be times where Hyokyun doesn't have to be rough due for her past. She can be calm and nice at times, but mostly rather the rough and boldness girl.

Hyokyun is never afraid to say what she has to say. Or just to sum it up: blunt. She isn't afraid if she would get judged or not. To be honest, EHyokyun doesn't care if she's right or wrong at everything. Usually, she isn't so much a thinker when it comes to thoughts sometimes. Instead, she likes to blurt out her opinions and thought. But usually, she can be smart at this, so she often keeps her thoughts to herself. But mostly, Hyokyun's never afraid to say what she wants to say. Then again, she knows some thoughts might offend others at first, but overall, she can be a big mouth and tell off crap she doesn't mean at points in time. But yes, Hyokyun can often be the loud mouth.

Hyokyun can be cute and "threatening" at points. Whenever she gets in trouble, she often tries to act cute or adorable out of dirty situations. But if her plan don't work.. well.. just keep acting cute and you're on your way to victory! But then again, Hyokyun can be threatening, mostly in general. If she's ever bothered at the wrong time, she would try to threaten people to leave her alone, and would try to make her threats true. As a person of her word, Hyokyun doesn't let things slide just like that. She will try her best to make her threats come true, and would make the person regret they've ever bothered her.. in a way. But, if her threats can't really much come in reality, then let's make it an oh well. At least she tried her best, right?

Let's not forget about love. Love is amazing.. yet stupid. Flowers, chocolate, and all that. Hyokyun isn't so much interested in love, but she is kind of in love of the idea on how love works. Guys getting you flowers.. chocolate, expensive gift, damn. But yet, Hyokyun isn't interested in being with anyone. Hyokyun would rather be happy if she found someone her type. Somewhat rude, rough, but yet in the inside, he is caring and sweet, and would help Hyokyun with anything if she's in trouble. Then again, who would be like that to her, or be just like the type Hyokyun wanted? Hmph. And would probably stick to guys her age.. and village.

Hyokyun's name.. "Hyokyun", was a boys name when it was given to the female shinobi. Not going to lie, but her father was expecting a boy, so yeah. But anyway, Hyokyun would get a little.. "bishy" if anyone would make fun of her name. So... yes.


Hyokyun Rukudo 28je8ee

Hyokyun stands at 5'8 ish and weighs about 169 lbs. She has pale skin, yes, as her body figure is a little curvy, but also a little bit of a muscular one as well, self-explanatory. She has purple hair, back-length,. However, she often wears her hairstyle in a pineapple-ish style like this,as well as having purple eyes. However, as a child, Hyokyun had lost her (right)eye, which was unknown of why, so she sometimes wear some sort of patch to cover it up. Last but not least, her clothing, which is a white t-shirt, blank, short-sleeved, as well as wearing black shorts, with black toe-less sandals. Hyokyun's headband that represents what village she's in, usually doesn't wear it around her forehead, but usually on the neck.

Weapon(s): Twin Swords

Ninja Tools:

-x4 Explosive Tags
-x7 Kunai
-x19 Shuriken


There isn't much to say about Hyokyun's history as expected, but there are some details that can be shared. Hyokyun was obviously born, in Kohona. Unfortunately, she got the name "Hyokyun", as her father was expecting a boy, but instead.. well, might as well name her a boy's name, which wasn't so bad. However, she was being made fun of because of that nickname. At first, it didn't really bother her after a day or two. But, the "joke" still kept on going, which obviously pissed off Hyokyun. But, there was nothing she can do. She didn't want to harm or threaten anyone. At that time, she was the nice, yet pushover one. She'd always let anyone boss her around. Trying to snitch.. well.. she would be made fun of for that as well, she'd bet. But anyway, during that time, she was also made fun of for some major things, such as the loss of her right eye. It was however, unknown on how she have lost her eye. Some say her parents abused her too much. Some say that Hyokyun felt like she didn't want to live anymore and attempted to murder herself. Even her parents, were shocked when they've first saw her. No one, not even Hyokyun knows, why her right eye was lost.

The days when Hyokyun was an academy student wasn't really much so bad, except the part where her attitude have gotten worse as years went bye. She was still the nice girl.. on the inside, but on the outside, she changed. Hyo have gotten blunt, aggressive, and bold-ish. She had the role where she wanted to show that she's not the one to be bossed around. Rather, because of that, Hyo wanted to change, just to prove that she was tough, and that wasn't easy as well. Making threats, an attempt to kill someone without the.. sensei knowing, just awful. Some wanted her kicked out, which would of been highly possible. Then again, Hyokyun had to be on her best behavior, if she ever wanted to stay in this academy to because a genin. But, as she was in the academy, she had many goals she wanted to achieve. One was being one of the members of the ANBU. She would go out on many exciting adventures, missions, and probably interact with people her age! But first, baby steps, Hyokyun... baby steps.

A few years have passed, as for Hyokyun was now a genin. This was news for her. Now that she has ranked up, she can finally do whatever she wants! Well, not really, but in her mind, she felt like she's finally free from being an Academy Student. Now, she's just waiting to see what obstacles would be on her way for this journey.

- - - - -

Village: Leaf
Title: Genin
Rank: E
Element: Lightning
Fighting Style: Ninjutsu(Major), Genjutsu(Minor)
Kekkei Genkai: N/A

RPTs: 0 / 60 for D-Rank

- - - - -

Jutsu: 2 / 6

D Rank:
Lightning Ball
Rank: D
Requires: Lightning Element
Description: After forming only two handsigns, one charges Raiton chakra into one's hand. Eventually, a small ball of lightning will form in the user's palm. The ball can then be shoved into an opponent's body, shocking them and also thrusting them backwards with great force. The ball of electricity can be thrown, but it loses most of its power - only remaining as a shell for the lightning. A thrown Lightning Ball still inflicts electric damage.

D Rank:

D Rank:
Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu (Mist Servant Technique)
Rank: D
Description: Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique that creates false attackers to delay and confuse the enemy. Though these servants are not real, the actual ninja is able to remain hidden and throw kunai and shuriken matching the movements of the servants.

- - - - -

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Post by Zephyr Uchiha on Wed Jul 04, 2012 2:01 am

Zeffy's seal of approval!

Very Happy

I look forward to reading you roleplay. I'm sure any active member would positively respond to a request to RP, train, or do a mission.


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