14 - Taijutsu

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14 - Taijutsu

Post by Zephyr Uchiha on Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:30 am


Taijutsu is the art of hand-to-hand combat. Usually, one does not expend Chakra when using Taijutsu like you do when utilizing Genjutsu and Ninjutsu, making it a good failsafe for when you run out of chakra to use, but that is not always the case. Unless a jutsu specifies that it uses a technique or chakra, assume that it doesn't, and use it sparingly.

To learn a Taijutsu, you must first learn its Style. A character may only learn one Style of Taijutsu from each Tier (ie. One can learn Rock Fist and Eight Gates, as they are in two different Tiers). You must complete a D-Class training to learn a Tier II Taijutsu Style, and a B-Class training to learn a Tier I Taijutsu Style. After you have learned the style, you are free to learn any technique from that style you wish.

You may also create your own custom Taijutsu if you want to make something specific up. However, you are not allowed to create a custom Taijutsu Style at this time.

Please note that you are in no way limited to the techniques listed. You may use any combination of attacks or techniques that you want. The techniques for Taijutsu are really to just gauge a character's speed, strength, and any special signature attacks they can use. Otherwise, go trigger-happy with anything you can come up with.


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