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Neku Rosuto

Post by K-Genesis on Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:18 pm

I see only 3 Uchiha are allowed(ONLY 3????)
I will edit and change my application as noted at a later time, when I am available to do so.

This application is one I have previously saved on my computer. It is not the EXACT format requested by the website, but all information is included. I have a roleplay sample in there as well, which can be skipped if necessary.

Name: Neku Rosuto (Uchiha)

Nickname: Nick


Gender: Male

Neku has fiery, orange spiked hair (imagine as if the image above had no headphones, and his hair was to "pop" up, as if it was being flattened) and piercing blue eyes. His mouth, more often than not, is tilted in a slight, smug smirk. His hair, although not obvious in the image, reaches slightly below his shoulders. Neku is generally seen either wearing large scarves or shirts with ridiculously sized collars. During colder days and nights, he usually wears coats much alike to those donned by the Aburame clan, althought they are shorter, rarely, if ever reaching further than his hips. He is often seen wearing baggy shorts as pictured above but wears long pants when the weather is suitable. On rainy days, he wears ordinary coats, without a large collar. The shoes he wears are more often than not ordinary, plain black ninja shoes. When the weather starts to get colder, he puts on large ear muffs (basically the headphones, but fluffy). Underneath his shirt he wears a cross necklace (literally, it's a silver "X" on a chain).
His casual wear and ninja wear are very much alike, as Neku wears clothes that are both comfortable for him and easily maneuverable, so his outfits for missions and day to day use often mix in with each other.
Neku has a rather slender build, with very fair skin, and only weighing in at 125lbs at 5'6. What he lacks in size and strength he makes up for with his nimble, agile, and speedy movements. Usually, on his collar, Neku has a small symbol of his village pinned on.
Neku, despite his orange hair, is a descendant of the Uchiha clan, in fact, he is an Uchiha, however, he is not aware of this (more info in the background story ahead.) However, some features he does possess(slanted, piercing eyes etc.) are evident.
Forehead Protector: Neku wears his forehead protector hanging from his neck.

Neku, when with people he is comfortable with, is very open and likable. When meeting new people however, he can come of as cold and anti-social. This stems from the fact he was home schooled for most of his childhood, and joined the academy at a later age, due to this, he found it very hard to relate to the younger kids, and instead of trying to mentor them or impress them due to his older age, he kept to himself, mainly conversing with his sensei. Neku dislikes loud noises, and although he detests showing it, can be quite jumpy. However he is always quick to gain composure. One of his biggest buttons is when people tease him or point out how jumpy he is. It infuriates him to no end. Much like how Choji in the anime would go crazy when someone called him fat, Neku is similar in this regard, but on a more reserved scale.
Generally, Neku is really easy going, not one to really hold a grudge. Other than being teased for his jumpiness, people don't anger him. However, he gets VERY angry at inanimate objects or his own shortcomings. For instance, if he is trying to sharpen a blade and can't do it well, he gets thrown into a rage. Generally any anger he feels towards people is bottled up and then taken out on things that don't actually feel pain.
In battle, Neku is quite calculative, but mainly relies on his speed and quick reflexes. When confident, he keeps his hands in his pockets, this is a habit he developed as a child, and as of such, has superior taijutsu (albeit only with kicks and the such) than fellow ninja. However, he does remove them to perform jutsu and to block as necessary. Sometimes, Neku doesn't know when he's outmatched, as he can sometimes be quite arrogant, and over-estimate his own abilities.
His easy-going attitude is unlike most Uchiha, mainly because he wasn't raised as one. He also detests the cold. Seriously detests it, with a roaring passion.

Clan: Uchiha
Nindō: "To take it easy, have fun. protect my friends and family, and stay out of the cold."


Origin: Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Affiliation: Village hidden in the Leaves.

Rank: E

Fighting Style: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu.

Elemental Affinities: Katon.

Combat Style: Neku prefers close quarters combat, mainly relying on Taijutsu(Lower body). His main tactics rely on using his superior speed and reaction time to dodge and tire his opponent down and strike when there is an opening. When angered however he attacks full force, not much caring for the intricacies of battle. Neku only uses Ninjutsu when necessary, but his very adapt at doing so.
Neku doesn't like getting hit in his face. Probably his greatest weakness. Hit him in the face and he's down. Of course in life or death situations he won't let it slow him down but a lot of the time it is a huge hindrance to him. He's very light on his feet and can be quite tricky to deal with, sometimes using hit and run tactics. Using fluid movements he likes to trip his enemies and stomp on them etc. etc.

Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan (Not yet discovered)

A hidden blade beneath his sleeved clothes, a small buckler on his left wrist.

Ninja Tools: Carries at most 5 kunai, 10 Shuriken, and 3 explosive tags.


History: Neku's mother died during childbirth, unfortunately for him, his father had fallen sick during his mother's pregnancy and was not able to care for him. Not only this but Neku's family wasn't exactly... revered. His father was considered weak compared to the rest of the clan, and everyone looked down on him. Not wanting his son to live with the stigma of a wretched, weak family, Neku was given up for adoption. None within the Uchiha clan wanted Neku due to the fact he came from such a shameful family. None of the Uchiha wanted to recognize Neku as one of them so he was secretly left to an adoption agency one night. Due to his fiery orange hair and blue eyes, none suspected he was an Uchiha. A couple weeks later Neku was adopted by an introverted couple, the Rosuto family. Neku's adoptive mother was infertile and weak, and his adoptive father was shy, running a small flower shop vastly shadowed by the Yamanaka's more successful store. Neku grew into a lackadaisical, care free young boy, home schooled by his parents. However, his parents noticed a strange quirk about their son. Instead of wanting to study, Neku wanted to go outside and run. He didn't want to study so much, he wanted to meet other kids, and to get better at running and become stronger. After much pressing from their son, they allowed him to join the Ninja acadamy at age 14. Neku, much to everyone's surprise show great skill and prowess due to his own "self-teachings." He completed all academy courses in the fraction of a time and became a genin a few months before he turned 16. This whole time Neku is unaware he is of Uchiha descent. All Uchiha despise him and ridicule him at every turn, and he simply can not find out why. Eventually when Neku awakens his Sharingan, he will find out the truth.
Now Neku is a fine genin, even though he has only just started out. He has gained the respect of his peers and has a small circle of friends. He hopes one day to become a fine, well respected ninja, whom people can trust.

Roleplay Sample: (This next Roleplay piece will focus around one of my old characters, Itaki Hyuuga, Hokage, and his encounter with a rogue Mist-Nin, Ace Hyuuga. At the time, Itaki was not aware of Ace's missing-nin status, only recently abandoning his role as leader of the Mist Village.)

Itaki didn't like boats. Itaki didn't like water. You can't trust boats or water. You can trust land though. Land was stable, sure footing. Boats rocked and rolled, water swished and swayed. Sure you could stand on water using chakra, but there were more important things that chakra could go to. Namely keeping oneself alive. Itaki looked up at the shrouded figure urging the boat along with the single paddle. This figure stood low, almost hunched, as if he was trying to avoid attention. Detection?
"Pardon my interruption," Itaki began," But why exactly do we have to ride the river? Wouldn't it be much simpler if we just walked?"
"You don't understand," said the figure, half whispering. "This location is known only to the Mizukage, and even then, only if he is a Hyuuga. Not even my highest subordinates, Hyuuga or not, know of this location. It is where I have developed every single one of my revolutionary Hyuuga techniques. Never again will we be constricted in the confines of close quarter combat. Soon, all clans will fear or combat prowess, at any range. The Hyuuga will rein supreme once more."
I'll have to keep a close on this one, Itaki thought. This kind of thinking from a Kage does not bode well for the village. I'll have to send in some spies to keep an eye on him.
"I'll be able to restore glory to the Hyuuga name... and defeat any who shall oppose me." He finished. "Now shh, we're passing under the bridge, not long now. Remain silent!
Itaki did as he was told, if this place was to be kept secret, he had to respect the Mizukage's wishes. At only 19, Itaki still had a lot to learn from his elders, despite being Hokage.
"We're here." The Mizukage said. But the way he said it unnerved Itaki. It wasn't just a simple declaration of arrival. It had something more, some serious, evil undertone. Itaki would have to remain on guard. He climbed out of the boat alongside the Mizukage. He found himself standing in a giant arena, surrounded by grass and trees. The mist was non-existent here, Itaki could see perfectly.
"Follow me to the center." The Mizukage said. Itaki followed, still on guard, the Mizukage turned to Itaki. "Now first, I must teach you the basics. This is the Hyuuga fighting stance, known as Gentle Fist."
"Uh, I know." Itaki said, slipping into the stance while simultaneously trying to not sound disrespectful. "I've mastered sort of mastered the stance since well, I became a genin.
"Oh I'm sorry. I couldn't tell by your baby-boy looks and your soft voice. To me you look and sound just like an academy student!" The Mizukage smirked. This was no ordinary smirk. The Mizukage had death in his eyes.
"Lord Mizukage, what's going on?" Itaki was confused. He didn't release his stance, for he feared what would come next.
"Lord Mizukage..." The dark figure chuckled. "Boy, I'm not the Mizukage anymore."
"What?!" Itaki was taken aback.
"I'm not the leader of this village anymore. Now I'm just... Ace. I'm a missing-nin. Wanted by my village. Only just yesterday did I abandon my post. I'm not even a C-rank missing-nin. However, I plan on changing that. After tonight I will be revered, and feared as an S-Rank missing-nin, after I claim my first kill. I will kill you, The Legendary Wind Blade Hokage."
Without hesitation, Ace struck at Itaki with an open palm. On reflex, Itaki sidestepped the blow and elbowed Ace in the face, who stumbled backwards, tossing a few shuriken at Itaki. Itaki simply ducked the attack, but was then met with a knee to the back of his head, and was sent flying across the arena, and tumbling into a heap. Itaki rose and stared at his opponent.
"How are you so fast?!" Itaki yelled to his opponent. He was only met with a slight laugh, and in an instant, Ace was behind him again. Itaki was prepared this time. As his opponent dissapeared, Itaki formed hand seals.
"Wind Style: Reverse Jet Propulsion Blast!" Itaki thrust his hands behind, sending a jolt of air towards his opponent, knocking Ace down and creating a lot of distance between the two as Itaki was launched forward.
"Distance is where I'm strongest thanks to my new Hyuuga arts..." Itaki heard from within the trees.
"Yea? Me too! But for a different reason!" Itaki shouted back. He pulled a scroll from beneath his cape. "Summoning Arts, Legendary Blade Fan!"
In a puff of smoke, Itaki held within his hand a large, spread fan.
"Your new Hyuuga arts versus my Legendary Fan. Sorry, but your first day as a Missing-Nin will be your last." Itaki growled.

Great Fireball Technique

Leaf Shadow Dance
Lion Combo


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Re: Neku Rosuto

Post by Shaunic Inuzuka on Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:44 am

you can only have two jutsu to start with



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Re: Neku Rosuto

Post by Zephyr Uchiha on Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:12 am

Also, Taijutsu are not available at this time. Sorreh. I'm working on a really cool system for how they can work.


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Re: Neku Rosuto

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