Search- Tracking the Bandits

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Search- Tracking the Bandits

Post by Rikuo Namikaze on Wed May 09, 2012 2:48 am

Type: Search
Client:Konoha Officials
Minimum Posts:10
Points Rewarded:40
Description:A Group of Bandits Operating in the Area have been causeing problems for the Locals and despite a Team of Leaf ninja's Destorying one of the base's the Leader and his elite guard were able to escape. The Team that Destroyed their base were able to find a note that was left behind which held the location of their secondary Base as such the village has decided to keep pressing the attack against these Outlaws Be warned the Leader is a Skilled Former Mist Nin and is belived to be a Mid B-Rank ninja. Reports state he is skilled with Water Jutsu and weilds a Broad Sword with some skill. Your mission is to attack the Bandits secondary camp and capture or kill the Leader and his Elite Guard


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