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Post by Allister on Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:45 pm

Pokemon Valor (Affiliation Request) Valor
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Yes, A region thats been in hiding for oh so long. It rarely talked to the other regions as it was still in a unstable stage of shock due to the legendary class of the titans that had occurred years ago. The legends battled it off in the Honiso region because some very foolish humans messed with ancient artifacts that they knew would summon them in their presence. After doing that, they tried to catch the legends with strange pokeballs they called Deceiver balls. A wierd mechanism thats catch rate was equal to that of a master ball, but with a twist, when a pokemon is caught by the Deceiver Ball, there type is changed to the the type normally are weak against or the type that they are normally resistant against.

Depending on gender, the boys get changed into the type they are weak against and the girls get changed to the type that they are resistant against. The foolish humans were more of a team, a group, an organization called Team Delta. Their dream was, and still is, to create the worlds first delta species, where pokemon are opposite off their own types. Aside from that, Team Delta's plans have failed- and knowing that the legendary pokemon were extremely furious as they went on a rampage destroying every factory controlled by the Delta team. In the midst of all that...

Honiso's first destruction had commenced. It took years to rebuild Honiso, but when it was rebuilt, the whole place changed. They all were embarrassed to show their faces to the rest of the world because of the judgment of the legendary pokemon, They realized that their mistake helped them all come together and form a bigger bond. Now they are upgrading their region and letting other people from different regions travel and live there.

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