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Arisu Cheisu

Post by Arisu on Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:17 pm

Name: Arisu Cheisu
Nickname(s): None
Age: 14
Sex: Female

Personality: Very nice when She is in a good mood. But you might want to stay on her good mood or she might get a little... well.... Mad.. And when she get's mad she will make your life a living hell if you were the one who made her mad. She is very hard headed when it come's to fighting now wanting to give up even if it mean's she will die before she give's up. Also has an ability not to be noticed unless she want's to be noticed.

Appearance: Wear's black boot's with black stocking's on. Wear's a purple mini Skirt and also a yellow shirt with a red bow tie. Also has white hair and red eye's.

Apparel/Armour: none

Weapon(s): Katana

Ninja Tools:none

History: When she was a young girl she had a really good life with her family and such. She then sighed up for the ninja academy and trained to be a good ninja. She was alwase good with using Taijutsu to her advantage. She also liked to use her leg's alot. One day she stayed at the academy for awhile longer to finish some stuff. When she went home she saw her parent's were murded by who know's who. She only saw a dark figure go out through the window. after that Airsu became a foster kid. She went home from home and finally she stayed at a familly who she really liked. After that she trained over and over just using her leg's. she then just got used to using her leg's and really dosent use her hand's for direct punche's.

- - - - -

Village: Leaf
Title: Genin
Rank: E
Element: Fire
Fighting Style: Major-Tai minor-Nin
Kekkei Genkai: None


Kekkei Genkai:

- - - - -



D Rank:

D Rank:

D Rank:

- - - - -

OOC Info:
My OOC username is Arisu
You can contact me by PM
I found the site by Google.


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