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Asuka Kawano - [ W i P ]

Post by Asuka Kawano on Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:10 pm

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    Name: Asuka Kawano

    Nickname(s): None.

    Age: 17 yrs. old

    Gender: Female

    Just as what you would deduce from her general appearance Asuka is the quite a mature girl for her young age of seventeen as her behavior has been molded throughout her lifetime to fit into a professional environment. This process seems to have forever marked her in a way where she has become so accustomed to the mannerisms and dispositions that it is found almost hard for her to break away from them and act a tad more ‘becoming’ -as she would say- for those who aren’t used to such practices. Consequently, she seems to have difficulties differencing herself from behaving to what she sees as normal from overly formal.

    Her years of being trapped in an adult world have also taught her to be decisive. Asuka tends to develop various solutions, and is able to decide the best course and take action immediately with little to no time required. Though, she may be quick to resolve, she is also quite a pessimist. She is inclined more towards numbers and logic which would mean she would much rather not risk much and sit it out until a further development. She is like this in general life as well as in battle, as it seems so would much rather study the conditions presented as well as the progress so far before even deciding what action to take, that is, if she would take one.

    Calm when faced with danger, she does not like losing sight of her goals at any time. She is fixed, and maybe even a bit cold towards a threat as she has been taught to never back away unless the situation is far beyond her control. This has a tendency to uncover a slightly more violent side to her. All things considered, she keeps herself under control at all times not permitting emotions to get involved with duty.

    She is greatly influenced by good manners so she tends to react politely and with respect to everyone around her, not caring whether or not they respond with equal treatment. Asuka is a very understanding person when it comes to different states of mind as well as feelings exhibited by others – believing that a good hand can lift a mood quickly. She doesn’t show to have any problems telling others about her own, or even her past. She is a very open and trusting person. Furthermore, during her free time, she enjoys doing various activities such as playing Go, reading, and even attending events. Despite this, she still a bit new to the outer world, tending to get overwhelmed by anything new or strange that she may come upon, though, it is still an enjoyable experience for her.

    Asuka, in all means, exhibits an unnatural calming nearly comforting aura at all times, not minding whether found alone or accompanied – it almost seems unbreakable. This aura is the apparent effect of her nurturing type of nature that greatly compares to that of a mother. Seemingly, she carries this nature everywhere no matter what the setting has brought along.

    All in all, as you could clearly see she has an overall good attitude that could be so blatantly corrupted by an outside world, she fears this more than anything - maybe even more than death itself.



    Wakizashi - A traditional weapon and usually accompanied by it's much longer version: the katana. It's length, roughly 52 centimeters, is something to be appreciated for those who enjoy better movement or find themselves traveling for a vast amount of time. It is known for its incredible sharpness and good durability.
    Ninja Tools:
    Smoke Bombs [x2]
    Wire [10 ft.]
    Kunai [x2]
    Shuriken [x5]


- - - - -

    Village: Iwagakure - Land of Earth

    Title: Genin

    Rank: E

    Element: Earth

    Fighting Style: +Ninjutsu // -Genjutsu

    Kekkei Genkai: None.

- - - - -



D Rank:

D Rank:

D Rank:

- - - - -

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