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Created Jutsu Template

Post by Zephyr Uchiha on Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:58 pm

Name: The name. There must be an English translation if it is regularly in Japanese or whatever other language.
Rank: The rank of power. Look at canon jutsus or other customs if you have no idea what it is. Generally, anything that can kill or seriously maim a perfectly normal and healthy person is at least B rank. Distraction or weaker jutsus are D and Cs mainly, but they could be strong in the right hands. There can be multiple ranks for jutsu that can be re-trained to be stronger, but the stronger ranks need to have more strength or more powerful effects.
Requires: Mainly for Elements, but this could be a thing like "Must be an ANBU" for secret assassination techniques or "Must be from Rock village" if its a technique from the Rock village. Delete this line if there is no special requirements.
Description: Try and describe how one performs the jutsu. Things to include are: does it need handsigns? what does the user do besides make handsigns to do the jutsu? is it expelled from the mouth, hands, or just released through the air? does it have any special appearance? etc. Make it creative.
Special: Any special effects the jutsu has, like paralyzing someone or making them feel like their skin is on fire... Note how many posts such an effect has on the opponent. Delete this line if there is no real special effect to worry about.

Other Rules:

- Look through the current list of Canon and Created Jutsus to see if your idea has already been made. Repeats are not cool.
- Your jutsu must be approved by an Administrator. Another Administrator can unapprove of it, however.
- Until the thread is locked, or an Administrator posts that it is approved and no other Admin unapproves it, your jutsu cannot be learned.
- Your jutsu can be learned by anyone else that gets your requirements, to be fair.. Unless there is a historical reason why only your character can use it - but then that has to be listed in both the description and in Requirements.

- - - - -

Copy and paste the below into a new thread.



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