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Post by Zephyr Uchiha on Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:01 pm

The world under heaven, long divided, must unite. Long united, must divide...

ROTK Game Rotkgamelogonavywi6

Based on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Koei's successful series, RoTKgame brings to life the era of the Three Kingdoms.

What RoTKgame has to offer:

- Create your own character and live the dreams you wish, or follow in the footsteps of over 650 historical characters, all of whom made their impact on this era.
- See the impact of your actions. Every battle you fight has the potential to change the landscape of the world.
- Become a fierce general, wily strategist, or clever sovereign. Dream your character from its base, and build it up to the top!
- We accept role-players of any level. The site does not function off of complicated, formulated role-play, and thus is easy for both beginners and rewarding for experts who wish to simply build a storyline to their desires without constraints.
- The game is divided into 'Seasons', or 'sessions' for which the game is in play. Each season offers something new and unique, no two seasons are alike. This also eases the 'power gap' between members, each season is a new tale, and great for new members who want to make their mark on the site.

What makes us different:
There are a handful of forums out there that use this era, with a similar format. Why choose RoTKgame over others?

- We are a veteran community. Between two sites, the concept of RoTKgame has lasted over 6 years, despite numerous staff changes, simply because the members of the site wanted to keep the game alive.
- Simulated system keeps moderators as unbiased and fair as possible. This system was created over 5 years ago, and has been constantly developed.
-Helpful staff. All of the current staff members, including the current head moderators, were once members (some more than once). We know exactly how you feel, and consider every question and suggestion.
- The site runs on its community. Unlike some sites, where 2-3 members can still continue without much issue, RoTKgame needs its members to get to know each other
- Continuous game. Though you may RP at your own pace, the game's functions take place on a 24 hour system. Thus, you'll never have to wait for a 'turn' to be over, which can take weeks or even months, unlike other RoTK sims.
- It's as involved as you like. If you're an extremely casual player, you can easily contribute by spending less than 10 minutes on the site a day, or even every few days. If you ever decide to become a hard-core player, you can plunge yourself into the deep strategies and politics of this ever deepening game.

If you're still unsure, []go ahead and see for yourself[/url].


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