07 - Elements

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07 - Elements

Post by Zephyr Uchiha on Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:08 pm


Elements are the basis of most jutsus possessed by shinobi. They show off their natural power that is honed by their skill. Most non-clan jutsu require Elemental affinities. At character creation, you choose your first element, and you can choose a second when you become B-rank. A third may be obtained when your character reaches S-rank. The elements that you may choose at start-up, not including those of Kekkei Genkai in certain clan / bloodlines, are: Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning, and Earth. These five elements defeat and are defeated by another in a wheel of sorts. Fire is strong against Wind, Wind is strong against Lightning, Lightning defeats Earth, Earth crushes Water, and Water douses Fire. Using the wheel to your advantage is an essential component in becoming a great shinobi.

Certain clans have the ability to use multiple elements, sometimes referred to as Combination Elements. Essentially, they take two pre-existing elements, and make a third, more powerful one, which utilizes the power of both, and the weakness of only one. Characters in clans that have Combination elements are only able to use the Elements specified in the clan's thread, and no more. Characters from clans that require you to have a certain element at start up (ie. The Uchiha Clan and Fire element) must start with the specified element, but their second element can be their own choosing. Of course, why would you not want to, with all the available elemental clan jutsus that you could learn with having it?
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